Who are we?

MITC Instructor & Apprentice Team: Ken2, Ken1, Amira, Arnis, Patricia, Pauline, Don, [Alexis not in photo]


Mid Island Tai Chi Club values open-mindedness, change, compassion, acceptance, patience, respect, volunteerism, inclusiveness, enjoyment, and charity.

Our commitment to host and organize World Tai Chi & Qigong Day in Nanaimo is one example of how we apply these values — a day when we celebrate with all Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners, regardless of differences in styles of practice, that we are connected by, and all part of, the web of life: “One World. One Breath.” 

Instructors at the club are qualified, following an apprenticeship and teacher-training program. Our peer group of instructors meet every 4 – 6 weeks as a collective, to support each other in our continuous learning and inquiry of Tai Chi.

Our instructors are trained to approach Tai Chi with a “Beginner’s Mind” — being humble in our instruction and learning. Each of our instructors is committed to their own continuous study of moving as well as sitting/silent meditation practices.

At Mid Island Tai Chi Club, each instructor draws upon their unique styles, strengths, and methodologies, resulting in healthy and varied opportunities for students to explore and learn at their own pace.

BY-DONATION: Giving and Paying It Forward

To ensure that our classes and workshops are accessible to everyone, Mid Island Tai Chi Club has a by-donation policy. (This applies to all classes except for those organized through Nanaimo Parks and Recreation). Instructors volunteer their time to teach classes. Time spent on marketing communications design and development are also volunteered. Our students’  monthly, weekly, and/or drop-in donations go towards club expenses, such as venue rental fees, annual insurance dues, and basic marketing and promotional costs including posters, website hosting, etc.. Those who are able to donate more are “paying it forward” to enable students who have no or little financial means to attend classes. In addition, the donations allow MITC to introduce and grow new classes, such as Gentle Tai Chi, customized to folks who need more encouragement and support to participate, including those who have mobility and/or neurodegenerative health challenges.

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Cherry blossom image by Artur Pawlak on Pixabay; Instructor team photo by Kalea Goh-Parker; Hand glass ball image by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash